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Useful information for administrators

Training for the administrator (main functionality)
Last update: 18.04.2024
The administrator's work plan from the first day
Last update: 20.05.2024
Platform language
Last update: 17.06.2024
Individual terms of appointment of the training program
Last update: 17.01.2024
Where can I import statistics? For which materials is this possible?
Last update: 27.03.2024
Log in with a user account
Last update: 14.01.2024
Registration of administrators, setting up administrator profiles
Last update: 15.04.2024
An administrator can independently restore his password from the admin panel
Last update: 20.09.2023
Additional features in the Side menu
Last update: 25.10.2023
As an admin, the technical support icon in the lower right corner disappeared. What to do?
Last update: 15.04.2024
Displaying the web version in a frame
Last update: 20.09.2023
Using the whitelist
Last update: 20.09.2023
The ability to hide personal information in an employee's Profile
Last update: 15.03.2024
When can points from a user's rating "disappear"?
Last update: 20.09.2023
How can the administrator view the details of the user rating?
Last update: 17.01.2024
How to set up invitations
Last update: 18.01.2024
User statuses in the Events section
Last update: 20.09.2023
My Feed
Last update: 22.01.2024
Connecting additional sections of "Training programs"
Last update: 15.04.2024
Instructions for returning to export to version 10.14
Last update: 11.03.2024
Step-by-step instructions for creating a learning path
Last update: 26.03.2024
Limiting administrator access to sections
Last update: 15.04.2024