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Creating a Skill

Last update: 08.01.2024

The creation of skills is necessary for their use in professional tests.

  • Select the Prof. Tests section., and go to the Skills cell.

  • To create a skill, click on the +Add button.


  • Enter the Skill Name in the text field.

  • Select a competence from the list of pre-created competencies. You can link several competencies to one skill.

  • Enter the skill level value. After adding a skill level, another level addition cell will appear.

Note: Copying levels from another skill is supported. When you click on "other skill", a field appears for searching for the skill, the data from which you need to copy. When you enter the skill id or name, a search query is immediately displayed. After selecting the desired skill, the fields with the copied skill levels will immediately appear below. At the same time, the values of all levels are copied on all localizations.

If several languages are enabled in the company, then you need to fill in all localizations. Switching the available content languages is located at the top of the form.

To save the changes, click Save.

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